LiteBites  -  useful guides to help use all the Integris features effectively

LiteBite 1  - Create user accounts (for Integris Administrator)

User Roles and Functions - list of available roles and their functions 

LiteBite1A - Managing user Accounts - how to change usernames, extend expiry dates etc.

LiteBite 2 – User Locks -  a simple step to unlock yourself from any pupil record or markbook locks

LiteBite 3 –  Printing Labels – use the simple label report to print labels for pupils, parents etc.

LiteBite 4 – Safeguarding Alert – set up safeguarding alerts for individual pupils

LiteBite 5 -  SEN – use the additional fields for managing and reporting details of SEN reviews outcomes

LiteBite 6 -  Mobile Attendance – using Integris on the go! Accessing pupil details quickly and more!

LiteBite6A - Using Integris on your ipad or tablet - for your normal day to day transactions including attendance, behaviour and/or assessment

LiteBite 7 - Alerts – set up your own alerts to monitor attendance and behaviour

LiteBite 8 – Pupil Documents & Comms Store (updated 12/2020) – store any letters and other communications for parents in the student’s record

LiteBite 9 – Staff Document Store – store any letters and other communications in the staff record

LiteBite 10 – Advanced Finduse this simple yet effective feature on a regular basis when selecting pupils for inclusion in reports, speed editing or browsing through student records

LiteBite 11A – Attendance stats for whole school and pupil groups – recommended for end of each half-term/term and for end of the year

LiteBite 11B – Attendance stats for last year – for whole school and pupil groups

LiteBite 11C – Monitoring PAidentifying and tracking pupils that have hit the 10% or more threshold for Persistent Absenteeism (PAs) during the year

LiteBite 12 - Student Account Management - how to use the pupil's 'account' for incoming and outgoing transactions such as dinner money, monies for events, activities, trips, and uniform.

LiteBite 13 - Uploading Student Photographs - how to bulk upload or manually add photos to student records.

LiteBite 14A - Using Communicate for mailmerging  (updated 12/2020) - create often used template documents for merging and storing into pupil records

LiteBite 14B - Using Communicate for emailing (updated 12/2020) - use email facility to communicate with parents

**Fieldname tags are available in this Excel copy of the Template Letter Fieldnames**

LiteBite15 (updated 7/21)- recording and searching Pupil Premium  -  Pupil Premium Explained (guidance 7/21)

LiteBite 16 - Add/Change your School Logo

LiteBite 17 - Using Cover to record staff absences (for reporting and link to RMIntelligence Staff Absence Dashboard)


LiteBite 18 - How to import CTFs for in-year admissions (new starters)

LiteBite 19 - Custom Registers - siet up your own bespoke registers for pupil and staff groups

LiteBite 20 - Subject Access Request Report - how to deal with extracting data for SARs 

LiteBite 21 - Deleting Records - how to permanently delete pupil or staff records

LiteBite 22 - Recording Parental Consent - using the new parental consent screen to store consent options

LiteBite 23 - Using Family Mail Marker - the FFM inicator allows schools to better manage communications to parents when using Communicate and printing labels

LiteBite 24 - Address Gazateer - use the postcode to find and autopopulate your address fields from the Address Gazateer database

LiteBite 25 - Attendance reporting on Y code

LiteBite 26 - Simple Ad-Hoc Reporting - create your own data reports or data extracts using a range of data fields you need for your school

LiteBite 27 - Using Behaviour (17 pages) - how to set up, use and report from the Behaviour module. Useful function for recording and monitoring positive behaviours, house points etc. Includes separate sections for use as handouts to staff.

LiteBite 28 - Student Profile - how to quickly access parental details and other information about a pupil

LiteBite 29 - Absence/Late Follow-Up letter  (using attendance mailmergeing to create simple follow-up letters for absences and lates)