For EYF Early Adopter schools - NEW


For schools wishing to record their end of year outcomes (1,2 & A) for their Reception Year pupils in Integris.


The stages below cover setting up the Early Adopters 2021 plan, how to enter the data, accessing analysis of this data and if schools wish, creating individual pupil reports for parents.


Stage 1 - Set up the NC Key Stage Early Adopters 2021 markbook plan (Integris Administrator task only)


Stage 2 – Enter EYF data into markbook


Stage 3 – Create EYF Analysis reports (% at each ELG)


Stage 4 – Create individual reports for parents (pupil tick grids with optional learning characteristics)


Stage 5 – Quick Analysis (visual) by whole year group and groups



  • Stage 2 – by entering data into the NC Early Years Markbook, the data automatically appears within the EYF section of the Key Stage screen of each pupil’s record