Year Reception  2019 -  Early Years Foundation (EYF)


DfE EYF 2019 Assessment & Reporting Arrangements (ARA)


For schools who wish to use INTEGRIS Assessment to make the EYF return to the LA and/or create reports for parents.

Deadline for EYF return:

 CBC Schools:  from Mon 17th June – Mon 24th June 2019

BBC Schools:  Tuesday 25th June 2019







Week 2/3

29/4 - 10/5

The NC Early Years F 2019 markbook needs to hold the EYF data in order for your school to make the EYF return, create EYF reports for parents and analysis reports

Week 4/5/6

13/5 – 17/6

Stage 1 - Prepare NC Early Years F 2019 markbook 

For schools wishing to enter data directly into the NC Early Years 2019 markbook:

Stage 2A – Part 1: Enter EYF data directly into NC Early Years F 2019 markbook 

OR  import EYF data from other EY software into INTEGRIS:
Stage 2A -  Part 2: Import EYF data from external s/ware  

it is usually the case that EY software allows for EY data to be exported in  CTF file which can then be imported into INTEGRIS

Week 7

10/6 – 14/6

Week 8

17/6 – 21/6

Stage 5 – Produce EYF Analysis Reports  (Simple)

NEW! Stage 6 - QUICK ANALYSIS (GRAPHS) for EYFS 2019 results by whole YR and groups


Stage 6A – Set Up & Use EYF GLD Measures 2019 markbook –   use the GLD 2019 markbook to view/analyse and report on % GLD pupils

Stage 6B – Using EYF GLD Measures 2019 markbook for analysis and reporting – an outline of how to use interpret this markbook for results and reports 

Stage 6C – EYF End of Year Analysis Questions – some suggested questions for analysis using reports and the Transition Matrix

Use Transition Matrix for interactive analysis, pupil identification and hibernation sheets

How to Use the Transition Matrix with EYF GLD Measures 2019 markbook

Stage 6D EYF_Percentages_Analyses – produce a single table report with % for ALL ELGS for whole cohort and for groups and more….

EYF National 2018 Results – useful document to use when comparing your 2019 results with national data for last year.

For schools using the INTEGRIS EYF Prime & Specific Tracking Markbooks -


Stage 2B - Enter EYF data directly into EYF_YR (Prime & Specific) markbooks   – use EYF Prime & Specific tracking books to enter EYF data for 2019


Stage 2CExport & Import EYF dataexport EYF data from the Prime & Specific markbooks and import into the NC Early Years F 2019 markbook

ONE DOWNLOAD         Integris EYF Markbook users                  Summer Assessment package only

24/6 -  Return deadline to CBC

25/6 – Return deadline to BBC

Week 9

18/6 – 22/6

Quality assure data

Stage 3 Check & Create EYF Return

Stage 4 - Create EYF Reports for parentsExample of EYF Report