PHONICS 2019   Years 1 & 2


DfE KS1/Phonics 2019 Assessment & Reporting Arrangements (ARA)


Stages 1 – 5 covers the entire process for setting up the NC Phonics Check 2019 markbook for both Y1 Checks and Y2 Re-Checks, making the returns and producing analysis reports and reports for parents.

Phonics checking w/b 10th June 2019           Checking period ends 21st June 2019


Deadline for Phonics return:

CBC Schools: Mon 24th June 2019
BBC Schools:  Friday 21st June 2019


Complete Stage 1- Prepare Y1 Phonics first before completing Stage 1 for Year 2 !!!

ONE Download - ALL STAGES 2019

Week 4
13/5 – 17/5   

The NC Phonics Check 2019 markbook needs to hold the Phonics data in order for

your school to make the Phonics return, create Phonics reports for parents and analysis reports


Stage 1A - Prepare NC Phonics Check 2019 Markbook for Year 1 

Week 5
20/5 – 24/5

Stage 1B – Identify Y2 Pupils for Re-Checks (and find missing Y1 Phonics data)
Stage 1C - Prepare NC Phonics Check 2019 Markbook for Year 2  

Week 7/8
10/6 – 21/6

Threshold mark will be posted HERE on Mon 24th June 2019

Week 8
17/6 – 21/6

Stage 3A - Create Y1 Phonics return 

Stage 3B - Create Y2 Phonics return 

Submission deadline:   CBC Schools: Mon 24th June 2019
BBC Schools:  Friday 21st  June 2019

Week 9
24/6 – 28/6

* For Integris Phonics markbook users only

* Stage 4 - Pull Phonics Data (for both Y1 & Y2) into (Objectives & Phonics Tracking) Markbooks

Stage 2 - Enter Phonics Data (for both Y1 and Y2) 

Enter marks initially in Stage 2 and then enter phonics outcomes (Wa/Wt) on or soon after 24th June when thresholds are known

Submit Headteacher Declaration Form (HDF) available from NCA Tools website from Mon 10th June.
To be completed and submitted to
NCA Tools by Thurs 27th June.

New!  Stage 6 Phonics Quick Analysis -  simple graphs for Year 1 and Y2 Re-checks broken down into groups (Gender; SEN; EAL; EverFSM and Any Pupil Premium)

Stage 5Produce Phonics reports for Parents and analysis reports (for both Y1 & Y2) 

Phonics Wa Example; Phonics Wt Example