Primaries / Middle Schools - Import Y4 transfer files for new Y5 (starting Sep 2019)

Import the assessment data from Lower schools that you expect to receive data from.
You will be able to ascertain whether the files expected are created in Integris or Sims for importing into Integris

 Note:  It is assumed that your school has already imported ATF files into your Admissions roll containing details of your new Y5 pupils for 2019.

Stage 1 (Steps 1 to 3) -  New Year 5 Imports 2019 instructions  - how to manage the import of all data from Y4 Transfer files into a single import Y5 markbook to enable review/check for missing data for new Year 5 starters.  

Import KS1 2017 data instructions  – how to retrieve missing KS1 data for your new Year 5 intake

From Week 9