Year 6 Transfers


Sending Year 6 Assessment transfer files to destination schools

This process captures KS1, Year 4 and KS2 TA & Test data and can be used in addition to creating Year 6 CTFs to destination schools. Note: Year 4 data is NOT included in CTFs.

Ensure you have assigned your Year 6 leavers a destination school before proceeding (part of the Year End process)

from Week 7

from Week 11

Stage 2 - Create Y6 Transfer files 2019 for secondary schools - how to create and send the files to destination schools

Stage 1 - Prepare Y6 Transfer 2019 markbook - prepare the markbook in readiness for sending assessment data to middle/secondary schools. This is an opportunity to check what prior attainment data is held by the school for Year 6 pupils- in particular KS1 data and allows time for schools to obtain any missing KS1 data.

Import Missing KS1 data for pupils