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Dear Customer,

Happy New Year

I am writing to you to update you on our progress with the RM Finance update, RM Finance online.

We have made good progress on the development and are well in to our Early Adopter phase. Our first phase schools have been using the updated system since before Christmas. We are just moving into phase 2 with more schools being added.

I have been out and about talking to as many customers as possible about the move and how it will work. I have been very pleased with the response and the questions customers have raised. It has helped inform our plans going forwards. If you have a meeting that you would like me to attend please let me know. Just to remind you the update is the same product online.

The move will take place in two phases.





RM Finance online is made up of two parts:-
1   The RM Finance website
2   RM Unify which manages users for the RM Finance website

We are splitting the update into two phases:-

  • Phase 1 – set up of RM Unify – the program managing the entry to RM Finance

  • Phase 2 – uploading your data files to start using the online version

We will be starting Phase 1 in the next couple of months where we send you information about your free RM Unify site and how to set up your users.

We will send an email with your unique RM Unify details and provide you with instructions on setting up your users. The process is straightforward and will take about 30 minutes to complete. You may wish to ask your IT support person to help you with this.

Once this is completed we will arrange a date to upload your files to the website to start using the online version. This will a short task and we will provide support for you.

When your files are uploaded you can carry on with your financial tasks online and all the benefits that brings.












































We understand that change can be daunting and we are providing a range of ways for you to get support. These will include:-

  • Written instructions

  • Videos

  • Webinars

  • Our support desk

  • Our knowledge base with searchable help articles

If you have specific questions about the update please do not hesitate to contact me at

Best wishes,
Martin Hall

Senior Product Manager

RM Education

RM Education - Registered office 140 Eastern Avenue, Milton Park, Milton, Abingdon, Oxfordshire OX14 4SB

RM Finance is moving online
Work is progressing apace on the RM Finance Online update and we are close to having our first Early Adopters in December.

If you are not aware of the RM Finance change, then this is an update to the current installed product which will be online. The functionality and structure are the same, with a fresh new look and feel. Being online has several major advantages:-

·         Anywhere, anytime access
·         Automatic backups
·         No school server required
·         Works on any device connected to the Internet
·         Remote access for your support partners

We will be contacting all customers with a timetable for the move which we aim to complete by June 2017. After this time the current product will no longer be supported.

If you would like to be considered for the Early Adopter scheme then please let me know at

You can see a few screenshots of the new product here.

As preparation for the change we recommend you update your version to the latest version 8.35. This is completed in one or two stages:-

1.      Upgrade to version 8.30. Click here to see more

2.     If you use accruals update to version 8.35. Click here to see more

If you have any problems with this then the articles below might help.

·         Update to RM Finance doesn't update correctly TEC2965971
·         Data file path issues TEC4696291
·         RM Finance Possible Issues with Safe Backup TEC2594462

If you run into difficulties then don't forget that you can call our support team on 0845 130 2214 (option 2 for Finance team).

Our support team have asked me to pass on a few articles which you might find useful before moving to the new platform.

·         Corrections and Reversals - How to make corrections and post reversals in RM Finance.            TEC4697841

·         Reconciliation discrepancies - Information on common issues with reconciliation    discrepancies in RM Finance, diagnostics and common causes. TEC4696152

·         Budget/Analysis code discrepancies - Information on common issues relating to  budget/analysis codes in RM Finance detailing diagnostics and common causes. TEC4696280

Finally, we are starting our renewal cycle earlier this year. You will receive a renewal notification 4 months before the end of your contract. This is in response to customers asking for pricing well in advance to help with their budgeting.

If you need to contact us or wish to feedback then please email me on

Martin Hall
Senior Product Manager
RM Finance