G2 Assessment


A great introduction to the tools that are at my disposal in G2 Assessment.

I can really see how I can move forward rapidly with my data analysis.

Head Teacher


Really useful, informative – really improved my understanding of using markbook functions such as show and filter. A lot to take in – just need to find time to practice all these skills. Also need to improve teachers use of RMIntegris to develop skills.

Deputy Head Teacher


A very valuable morning. Drawing out specific groups and using analysis more effectively has been very helpful.

Head Teacher


Appropriately paced for individuals despite different past knowledge. Great!


'Just wanted to let you know all the assessment/reporting instructions have been great, very clear. Couldn’t survive without them!'




A light bulb came on in my mind – my workload has been halved in some tasks!

Head Teacher


Excellent! Learnt a lot of new processes and refreshed on others. Cathy always supports at the right level. Thank you.



"Being a new user to Integris and also producing a Census for the first time, I have found the step by step notes produced by CBICT extremely informative and helpful. The support from Cathy helped me through which resulted in a smooth and mainly stress-free time!"

'Thank you for a brilliant course - I learned so much!'


End of Year

'The help sheets for the end of year data submissions have been fabulous - I have managed to work through them all and submit the data with no problem.'


'A really enjoyable, informative and worthwhile session, many thanks.'