Year 6    Key Stage 2 Teacher Assessment Return 2019


DfE KS2 2019 Assessment & Reporting Arrangements (ARA)

KS2 TA Framework for summer 2019
Pre KS2 Framework for summer 2019

Deadline for return to NCA website :

CBC Schools: Thursday 27th June 2019
BBC schools: Tuesday 25th June 2019

Week 2/3

1/5 – 10/5

Stage 1A - Prepare NC Key Stage 2 2019 markbook

Week 4/5
by 24/5

Headteacher Declaration Form (HDF) via NCA Tools website from Fri 17th May.

To be completed and submitted to NCA Tools by Friday 24th May.   (p.14 KS2 ARA 2019)

Week 6/7
4/6 – 14/6

Data Entry
For schools wishing to enter data directly into the
NC Key Stage 2 2019 markbook
Stage 2D - Enter ALL KS2 TA data 

* Only for schools using the Integris Y6 Objectives Markbooks

*Stage 1B – Prepare KS2 Export 2019 markbook 
Stage 2A - Enter KS2 TA data
Stage 2B -  Enter KS2 Science data 
Stage 2C -  Export & Import KS2 data into NC Key Stage 2 2019 markbook

Week 8

17/6 – 21/6

Week 11

From 9/7

 *Stage 5 -  Pull KS2 Test data into markbooks – only for schools using the Y6 Objectives markbooks  

 Stage 6 - Create KS2 Performance Reports (various reports on results incl individual pupil reports)  Sample KS2 Pupil Report 

NEW!  Stage 7 – KS2 Quick Analysis GRAPHS for KS2 2019 results by whole Y6 and groups


Stage 8 – KS2 TA & Tests Analysis  - interactive analysis on KS2 Test and TA data

DfE Primary School Accountability - Progress measures (updated Jan 2019) – outline of how progress measures will be calculated and more……..

***CBC schools only - Complete KS2 Proforma Provisional Results 2019


KS2 Proforma 2019 EXAMPLE

How to complete Proforma 2019 - instructions to complete figures required.  

Set Up Measures markbook instructions - are repeated here

Stage 3 – Check & Create KS2 2019 Return for submission to NCA Tools website

See STA Guidance (Pages 10- 15) for how to upload your KS2 TA file to the NCA Tools website and deal with any issues arising

If you wish to do a quick analysis (graphs showing % at each outcome)at this point, follow Stage 7 – Quick Analysis of KS2 instructions below.

Stage 4 – Import KS2 2019 TEST Results into Integrisperform this stage from 9th July 2019 when results available from K2S

One download                 Summer Assessment package only                      Integris Objectives users