Performance Measures Markbooks & Dashboard 2019

Performance Measures markbooks contain a number of additional features which allow for quick identification of pupils achieving the standard and beyond at each of the key stage assessment points AND comparing with prior attainment.

When your returns have been safely and accurately recorded for 2019, you can start to view and analyse your results in these Performance Measures markbooks. These markbooks also allow you to collect statistical data to add to your Performance Dashboard 2019.

1.  Look at the OVERVIEW of Measures Markbooks guidance which gives information about each of the Performance Measures markbooks available:
EYF GLD Measures 2019; KS1 Measures 2019; Y4 CBC Measures 2019 OR Y4 Measures 2019; KS2 Measures 2019


2. Follow instructions to Setup Measures markbooks. As you complete the other data collection processes in other markbooks, these performance measures markbooks will collate the data automatically.    

Start from

Week 8


Performance Dashboard 2019

Use the Dashboard to present data/information about your results to Governors, SI advisors and SLT members  – here’s an overview  of some of the graphs/data within the Dashboard

3. Download your 2019 Performance Dashboard and start working on it as soon as your other data returns have been completed. Note: use your password emailed to you by admin@cbict to open the Dashboard file

Follow the guidance on the Reports or Interactive headed sheets which tell you which performance markbook and column names need to be analyzed to provide you with the information for completing the data tables in the Dashboard.

Important notes about completing the dashboard:

  -      NEW!  You can use the Quick Analysis option to find the figures for the whole cohort and groups – follow these QUICK ANALYSIS FOR PERFORMANCE DASHBOARD instructions

  • You also have the option of using analysis reports in Integris for each of the Performance Measures markbooks you are using to calculate the percentage figures for the whole cohort and by groups of your choice – you can then transcribe the figures onto the Dashboard. The reports are in Adobe format and can be printed/saved or deleted.
    you can run the interactive tools in Integris which provide the percentage figures from which you can then dig deeper into the figures to analyse the pupils behind them.


The instructions below tell you how to use of the various reports and analytical tools to help you obtain the information you need.


Helpsheets for analysis

Analysis Reports:

How to Use the Levels Analysis Report

How to use the Transition Matrix Report


Interactive Tools:

How to use the Transition Matrix Interactive tool

How to use the Multiple Assessment Items Interactive tool


Here are some end of Key Stage analytical questions linked to the Transition Matrix to help you get started on analysing your 2019 results data