Performance Measures Markbooks and Dashboards


When your returns have been safely and accurately recorded in the expected NC markbooks for 2017, you can start to view and analyse your results in the following markbooks which automatically calculate and identify pupils who have/have not met the standards and allow you to complete the Performance Dashboard summaries of your results.


The Performance measures markbooks are as follows:


  • EYF GLD Measures 2017 markbook

  • KS1 Measures 2017 markbook

  • Y4 CBC Measures 2017 markbook

  • Y4 Measures 2017 markbook (for G2 Assessment Objectives AwoL schools only)

  • KS2 Measures 2017 markbook

  • KS2 Prog Measures 2017 (RM produced markbook) – available from 4/7/17


Look at this outline of the KS Measures markbooks for summer 2017 to see what these do!


Set Up 2017 Measures markbook instructions for G2 Assessment administrators


Note: you don’t have to use the Performance Dashboard to collate your data – the above measures markbooks can be used completely independently of the Performance Dashboard.

Performance Dashboards


READ ME FIRST!  Important notes about completing the dashboard:

  • You have the option of using analysis reports for different markbooks and columns which calculate the percentage figures for the whole cohort and by groups of your choice – you can then transcribe the figures onto the Dashboard. The reports are in Adobe format and can be printed/saved or deleted.
    you can run the
    interactive tools which provide the percentage figures from which you can then dig deeper into the figures to analyse the pupils behind them.



Our recommendation for this year is to run the reports to enable you to quickly complete the dashboard!

The Dashboard provides guidance for both options.

Help sheets for both options are available below.


Available Now!

Analysis Reports:

How to Use the Levels Analysis Report

How to use the Transition Matrix Report



Interactive Tools:

How to use the Transition Matrix Interactive tool

How to use the Multiple Assessment Items Interactive tool


Here are some end of Key Stage analytical questions to help you get started on analysing your 2017 results data.

Central Bedfordshire Schools

CBC  Performance Dashboard

(Excel - Password protected)

Bedford Borough Schools

BBC Performance Dashboard

(Excel - Password protected)

Analysis for Performance Dashboard Workshop sessions in June 2017  - @ The Firs Lower School, Ampthill all at 3.45 – 5.15pm


Session 1 -  Tuesday  20th June


Session 2 -  Thursday  22nd June


Session 3 -  Thursday  29th June


These sessions are free!


Some pre-requisites before attending:   you must have most of your TA data recorded in G2 to enable you to analyse the data – No data, No analysis!


Book your place by emailing with ‘Dashboard Workshop Session’ in the subject line giving names/school and preferred session date.